About us

About Our Company

Founded in 2019, Creative HR Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to become one of the leading HR Consultants and Solutions providers. We are dedicated to providing industry specific HR Solutions and to be recognised as “One-Stop Shop” for human resource related requirements. Our wide-spread network, deep industry penetration, corporate networking and extensive experience in the HR Consultancy business will help us in meeting our objectives.

What We Do

We specialize in Staff Recruiting, Outsourcing, Overseas educational and employment consultancy & trainings. We create scalable and efficient solutions for your business and educational needs and work as your virtual back office. By choosing us as for your specific needs, you’ll benefit from the constant quality and manageable commitment.

We offer a wide range of services that are all delivered with an assurance. Our main goal is to help our clients meet their expectations. Our mission is to help companies and candidates in their professional growth and development, to make you successful and confident in the future.