Posted time December 13, 2023 Location Karachi Job type Hybrid

Job Scope:

We are seeking a Multimedia Developer to join our growing team. We are looking for an artist with a firm grasp on 2D and 3D animation and Illustration techniques, fundamentals, and software for the e-learning industry. The Artist will read through scripts and speak with the manager and the team lead to understand project needs, create storyboards and assets, and assist in the animation process for courses. Collab with HTML developers to design custom themes, activities, mini-games and create new standards for courses. Other than that, the candidate should have a hold of English language in order to edit/write rough content according to the development needs.


  • Hand drawing and graphically designing illustrations and animations, photo, and audio/video editing.
  • Be the go-to illustration resource while also working closely with the team to deliver output.
  • Photo-editing and photo-manipulation
  • Design logos, Web design, Comic design, and stationery with presentable mock-ups
  • Should be able to create ideas on their own or from reading scripts.
  • Refine individual assets and build up a library of illustrations, animations, character designing, assets, icon sets, typography, graphics, and motion graphics.
  • Listening to feedback and altering existing or newly created artwork as needed
  • Using creativity and artistic techniques to tell a story or provide information in visual form.
  • Researching industry trends and developments and learning new applications
  • Apart from motion design, video editing will be a key responsibility.
  • Should feel comfortable working with other animators/developers on the same project.
  • Design themes, activities, and games for HTML-based courses
  • Editing content as per needs
  • Data entry in a content management system is also required as part of the course creation process.
  • Working with the HR team to create banners, posters, flyers and other sort of artwork.
  • Working with other departments to help visualize the final look/function of a software tool or a stimuli.


  • Bachelor’s degree or certificate in computer illustration, fine arts, motion design, graphic design, or related field
  • Drawing expertise both by hand and with a digital pen, in addition to strong digital design skills
  • 3 to 5 years of working experience in the industry
  • Fluency with the whole Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Suite, or any other appropriate design and illustration software
  • Understanding of animation, storytelling, and character development techniques
  • Attention to detail, adaptability, and receptiveness to feedback and direction.
  • Ability to work independently or with a team to develop animations and solve problems.
  • Showcase your Portfolio.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, presentation, and computer skills.
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