Posted time December 13, 2023 Location Karachi Job type Hybrid

Job Scope:

The Regulatory Research Specialist  is responsible for regulatory tasks execution, building and maintaining relationships with the regulators, instructor of records, vendors, and external contractors etc. that impacts the product line. The Regulatory Research Specialist is responsible to ensure regulatory compliance, tracking regulatory rule changes, interpreting regulations and making sure the content of the courses is up to date.

This position is also responsible for working with the regulators at a state and national level to develop and maintain a knowledge-based related to state and national requirements for student and corporate level. Also coordinate with a team dedicated to course renewals and reporting to ensure 100% compliance and regulatory retention. Maintain a system for documenting, tracking and managing all regulatory filings. Complete and submit all required forms for course and provider approvals in a timely manner. Manage course renewal process while working with the regulatory renewal team. Conduct initial and ongoing research pertinent to multiple industry education requirements. Work with regulatory renewal team and oversee to improve process for submitting and renewing course and provider approvals.

This position works closely with the product development teams so they take well informed decisions under a regulated framework according to the rules and regulations while ensuring compliance and managing potential regulatory risks. Also, to make sure that new business opportunities are identified in time due to changing regulations and other teams are well informed of the changing requirements to devise a successful business strategy and keep the existing programs current per industry specific needs.


  • Responsible to have a clear understanding of all the regulatory requirements and approval/ compliance process for the assigned libraries.
  • Responsible to have precise and accurate documentation and interpretation of regulatory law and provide the accurate and required information to Product Development team.
  • Responsible to document any/all regulatory related docs (approval letters, important notices etc.)
  • Research and analysis of regulatory laws & rules and BI document development and keep the Business Intelligence document updated and current with all the applicable rule changes.
  • Responsible to work with regulators at a state, County, Department and National level to develop and maintain a knowledge-based related to all levels’ regulatory requirements.
  • Conduct ongoing research pertinent to meet industry compliance education requirements. Regulatory laws and rules research for any new business opportunity and perform regulatory research and analysis on any rule changes through state level website research.
  • Regulatory laws and rules analysis and communication with product development department for new course development and revision of regulatory courses.
  • Responsible for assisting and supporting renewals and reporting teams with the required information for course approvals, course renewals, compliance reporting and mandatory content updates.
  • Responsible for Instructor research according to industry specific requirements and execute to sign the contract between contractor (instructor) and the company.
  • Responsible for maintaining a good relationship with the contractors and ensure timely payments are made according to the signed contract.
  • Responsible for working with accounts team to ensure contractors are paid in timely manner.
  • Responsible for coordinating with instructors of any upcoming instructor development workshops or course schedules required by the regulators.
  • Responsible for ensuring instructors keep their certifications/credentials updated as required by state regulators.
  • Maintain a system for documenting, tracking, and managing all regulatory filings and updates.
  • Email coordination with internal and external customers related to any query.
  • Establishing good relationships with the regulators via email and phone.
  • Responsible for reviewing all the courses and associated paperwork that have been released from the production to make sure they meet all the regulatory requirements before being submitted to the regulator for review and approval.
  • Making sure new submissions and renewals are submitted timely before expiration date by communicating the info with renewals team.


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Business Administration or any other equivalent degree is preferred. Other areas of study providing similar skill sets and experience can also be considered.
  • Must have minimum three years of hands-on experience with regulatory risk and compliance management, compliance research with strong knowledge of product line and e-learning business model or in any relevant industry providing similar skill sets required by the job.
  • Must have a minimum of three years of experience of regulatory research and regulatory compliance, regulatory risk management and audits.
  • The knowledge of Microsoft Office suite includes advance use of spreadsheets.
  • Must be competent in the use of the internet and web-based applications.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required for any medium of internal or external communication with understanding of American English accent.
  • Fluent in English with neutral or American accent.
  • Must possess ability to build and maintain strong relationships with the regulators, accrediting agencies and officials of the government organizations that influence our business.
  • Must possess ability build and maintain strong relationships with external stake holders including but not limited to instructors, time-study contractors, subject matter experts, royalty partners and vendors etc.
  • Must have excellent understanding of training business under regulated framework.
  • Practical knowledge of regulatory risk management, regulatory compliance, internal and external regulatory audits, and quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Must have excellent understanding of e-business with fast paced business environment.
  • Must possess strong analytical skills to analyze the rules and regulations for potential impact on the business, along with ability to interpret the rules in appropriate manner.
  • Must possess working knowledge of tracking regulatory rule change and proposed regulations.

This job is Expired